Good Vibes Music Video

Good Vibes Music Video This is the official music video for “Good Vibes”. The video was shot and directed by Ike Anyanwu. The animations were created by me. I did each animation frame by frame. If I had more time to work on the video I probably would’ve animated the...

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The Man – Official Music Video

The Man – Official Music Video (Created by APO) What you didn’t know This is my first animated music video.  I spent over 100 hours making it.  Everything you see and hear in this video was created by me.  I used Adobe Illustrator to created all the pieces being...

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The PO Life – Episode 5 (Afroman Show)

The PO Life - Episode 5 This is footage I cut from the Afroman show I had at Terra Fermata in Stuart, Florida.  My experience opening for Afroman was great.  It had been awhile since I performed so this felt really good to get back in front of a live audience again....

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POseidon Album Credits

Who was involved? There is a wide variety of styles on this project.  I used a lot of different producers to bring all types of music together, and help create one dope ass hiphop album.  Here is a list of all the heads involved in the making of this album:  Shaun...

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Tracklist for POseidon

With just 3 days until the release, here is the track list for my album POseidon.  The art for the back cover was created by me.  I added the subtle trident to tie together the effect of POseidon.  The track list for this album is all songs, there is no skits in this...

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Day One featuring B. Mattie

Day One featuring B. Mattie is a very special track to me.  I have been working very hard to collaborate with other artist.  B. Mattie (Brandon Mattie) is a talented artist from Pittsburgh, PA.  He incorporates rap, hiphop, R&B, and pop into his music.  It has...

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The story behind the album art of POseidon.

Why POseidon? My artist name is Apo so I decided to get creative with some wordplay and call it APOseidon. Once I realized that didn’t really flow right, I decided to just call it “POseidon.” So what does it mean you ask? POseidon is to represent that I am “king...

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The Only Way Out

The Only Way Out by JBuzzi, If you followed my music career from day one, you would know JBuzzi and I have some history together. I have seen this kid grow as a person and an artist. His albums always have some bangers and are full of energy. This album is his best to...

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Good Vibes

Good Vibes is a song written from experience.  Everyone goes through a tough time in life, but no matter what, you must stay as positive as you can in every situation.  Just remember, your story is unique and you deserve some Good Vibes every once in awhile. The beat...

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