Good Vibes Music Video

This is the official music video for “Good Vibes”. The video was shot and directed by Ike Anyanwu. The animations were created by me. I did each animation frame by frame. If I had more time to work on the video I probably would’ve animated the entire thing. But since time wasn’t on my side I just left it in certain areas.

The main character in this video is not Apo. I wanted the video to be strictly focused on my dog Timmy. Timmy is another way to say “Good Vibes” without really saying it. He gives you the affect that nothing else mattes in the world except loving your life each and everyday. I wanted him to distract you from all of the bullshit we deal with from time to time. Timmy is a legend, he does nothing but bring smiles to the world. Timmy has been a huge help for me dealing with some issues over the past year, I can’t thank him enough (or maybe I can with bones).

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