POseidon is my 5th independent album.  This project means the world to me, I learned new programs and discovered talents I didn’t know I had creating this album.  POseidon is my first project released since the passing of my mother.  It hasn’t been the easiest time but making this album has really help me release a lot on my mind.  I originally made about 21 songs, but I scrapped the ones that didn’t fit well with the project.  POseidon is the first album created with multiple producers involved.  List of Producers: Shaun Kelly, Divine Tracks, Superstaar Beats, Lexi Banks, Epik The Dawn, Jehf Slaps, Platniumsellersbeats, Gummy Beatz, JRhitmaker, Scott Styles, and Cloak Beats.  It is also the first album with multiple features too.  List of Features: B. Mattie, Loud life AO, and Van Wylder.  Everything was recorded, mixed, and mastered by myself using Protools.  Then I sent the songs to Shaun Kelly and he put the final touches on all of them except Exposed Soul, Trident, Big Headed, Pier Pressure, and Research.  My mother would be very happy that I am still following my dreams so I released the album on her birthday, April 21st.  This project brings together all types of different music to form one dope hiphop album.  I laid my heart down on every verse, start to finish.  #POseidon

Fish Out of Water

Fish Out Of Water is the first tape I really took my creativity to the next level. I put my all into making this tape. Everything you hear in this project is something that I created having one hell of a time. From the deep songs all the way to the bangers, I really wanted the project as a whole to have a “feel good but focus” kind of vibe. My mother was the biggest inspiration for making this album; she just beat cancer and proved that that anyone can do anything as long as they believe in it. Pay attention to what I am saying in each verse, from the music to the album art. The artwork was created to reflect how I feel trying to make “break-through’s” in this industry. I am a “fish out of water” when you think about the realistic aspects of the movement I am trying to accomplish. The “Bull Mahi-Mahi” with smoke coming out of his mouth is symbolism for strength, good vibes, and high demand. Mahi is a very high demanding fish and the “Bull” represents a male. He also has a hook with line breaking away from his mouth; that represents me finally being able to break free from all the unneeded drama in life. (This project was produced using Cool Edit Pro.)

Pirates Life for PO

A Pirates Life for PO is a mixtape I made just for the fans. Full of remixes and some originals as well, this mixtape is supposed to bring the vibe of saltwater living, and hiphop, together as one. I am a huge fan of anything pirates so I figured what better way to express that than make me a pirate myself for the cover. I am the captain of my own ship searching for my own treasure. (This project was produced using Cool Edit Pro.)

Dan Marino

Dan Marino is a mixtape full of remixes. I just wanted to get in the booth and talk about everything that came to mind. No subject focused song’s, I wanted it to be more about bars. My production skills were still in the learning process during the making of this album, so I was trying to experiment with new sounds, echo’s, instrumentals, etc. I called it Dan Marino because I wanted to really emphasize how much I want to mean to South Florida. He was a legend and I wouldn’t mind being remembered the way he was. (This project was produced using Cool Edit Pro.)

A-POlarized Edition

A-POlarized Edition was my first project I put together around 2008-09. It let me get a feel for the hardware and software involved in the process of making songs. I taught myself as much as I could through friends and online help. I will admit that this CD is not as lyrically in depth and the production of it isn’t the best. But I can promise you the effort is definitely there and so is the potential. The reason I called it A-POlarized Edition is because I wanted to let people know I am here and ready to shine. In other words, get some polarized lenses when you’re around the POman. There is one song that still until this day is one of my favorite tracks I have ever put together. I made it for one of my buddies who passed away when he was in college. His name was Kyle Conrad; a huge inspiration, not only on my life, but my entire hometown as well. His message was to get it in while you can because life’s that awesome. The Kyle Conrad Memorial Song is the first song I have ever put out to the public officially. He will always be one of my biggest inspirations for following my dreams. The message behind the album art was to demonstrate destruction and bright colors, kind of like the world’s ending type of theme. I wanted to let the people know there was a new me in town and not the old one. New dreams, new goals, new life. (This project was produced using Cool Edit Pro.)




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