The Man – Official Music Video (Created by APO)

What you didn’t know

This is my first animated music video.  I spent over 100 hours making it.  Everything you see and hear in this video was created by me.  I used Adobe Illustrator to created all the pieces being used in the video, the characters and the scenes.  I then took the assets and brought them into Adobe After Effects to animate. However, for the lip syncing I used Toon Boom Harmony to match up the timing; I know Its still not perfect but I’m learning. A lot of people have no idea I am capable of even creating cartoons, but it is something I love to do and I am very passionate about it.  I am not usually one to boast (psyche) but this is my best work to date as an animator.  Here is a few screen shots to show you how much work went into the project, not to mention I made the song as well.


Screenshot-2016-05-13-18.36.06Screenshot-2016-05-13-18.33.26 Screenshot-2016-05-13-18.29.58 Screenshot-2016-05-13-18.30.49 Screenshot-2016-05-13-18.32.02

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